Spring and Fall cleanings allow your property to flourish year-round and be the healthiest it can be. We offer seasonal specific cleanings that are tailored to the unique needs of your property and plantings.

Gardens and lawns become dormant during the winter months, and a "re-awakening" in the late winter is needed. Eddie Ortiz Landscaping can provide Spring cleanings to prepare your home for the new gardening season. Such cleanings include initial lawn mowing, lawn de-thatching, lawn seeding, lawn edging, raking and cultivating of all beds, removal of all debris and application of necessary lawn and shrub chemicals. This seasonal cleaning provides the proper care to create a vibrant and healthy garden.

As autumn ends and the cooler weather approaches, your garden requires a second cleaning, the Fall cleaning. This cleaning is done at the end of weekly maintenance in late fall and serves to prepare your garden for the long winter months and provide a boost for the upcoming spring season. Fall cleanings usually include a final mowing of the lawn, lawn edging, removal of all fallen leaves, cultivating of all beds, final pruning of small trees and shrubs and application of necessary lawn and shrub chemicals.