Aside from basic weekly maintenance and landscape designs, Eddie Ortiz Landscaping offers an array of special services to upkeep your home and gardens. One such service involves total renovation of your lawn. When your lawn fails to thrive due to weather conditions, pests, or disease, our company will do what is necessary to re-build the lawn base, be it re-seeding, de-thatching, or complete installation of new sod. Nothing complements a home better than a lush, green lawn!

If your garden requires topsoil, or you desire to enhance the landscaping with gravel or mulch, we can deliver and install it for you in a neat and efficient manner. Also, at the start of spring, we can prepare your vegetable garden with the proper chemicals and mulch to ensure a successful growing season. And lastly, Eddie Ortiz Landscaping provides relief for the dreaded chore of gutter cleaning - we can clean your gutters and remove all of the debris as part of our special services.